Great sound = great studio:

Musicians measure studios by the sound they get from them. A good room sound is very important, so is good equipment. Perhaps most important of all is happy the artists are in the environment, how relaxed and at ease they feel. Natural light and rural views are a real plus, and plenty of space both inside and out, all works to create an environment ideal for creativity.

Artists just seem to enjoy working here and that reflects in the work they do.




Riverhead on the northern side of Auckland, is a good spot for a record company and its studio. you have to drive past grape vines, farms, cafe's and the like no matter which direction you come from. So you are bound to be relaxed even before you get here.

We have loads of parking, ease of access and no stairs to carry gear up or down.

There are floating floors throughout and at fifty square metres our sound room is big enough for large groups when needed, yet still cosy and comfortable for soloists too



The better the equipment, the the better the job, so we buy the best gear we can

We are happy to use Cakewalk Sonar at the core of our suite, and have been with them since their early days. Our desk is Mackie Onyx and we love it. Connect good mics to Onyx pre amps and you get lovely clean warm sound every time. The on board EQ is excellent and beneficial in almost all recording situations and the connectivity to Sonar is brilliant and without any latency.

Good equipment and the time to work with it....every artists dream



Good music needs to be promoted and film helps a lot.

We have invested in professional video gear to capture film to help our atists on their way. Its time to put it all to good use now as we make our first videos for Chris and Roger's releases.

So there is never any shortage of things to be working with here at Riverhead Records

We'll keep you updated as we go.